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Will physical therapy help my TMJ pain?

Big question!

The answer is what comes out of every PT's mouth: "it depends"

Luckily, there are diagnostic tests that can be run to determine what is causing your TMJ discomfort, as well as different approaches to resolve pain including (but not limited to):

  • dry needling

  • joint mobilizations

  • specific exercise prescriptions for TMJ muscles

  • massage

  • postural re-education

An important note to treating TMJ disorders is the strong link between getting enough sleep, improving exercise habits overall, and decreasing stress in daily life. When haven't you heard that before, am I right?

Fortunately, working with a dually licensed physical therapist and massage therapist (who's also dry needling certified!), I am capable of providing the care you need to address your pain directly, help put together an exercise routine that works for YOU, and can provide regular massage to not only resolve pain, but help decrease stress and improve sleep.

Questions about how I can best help you decrease pain and get back to doing what you love? Email me at or TEXT me at 919-205-3550 to set up a time to chat! I'm located in Hillsborough, NC, convenient to Raleigh, Durham, Mebane, and Chapel Hill!

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