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Throughout my life, I have had a significant fascination and curiosity for anatomy and physiology. I received my BA in Exercise and Sport Science from UNC Chapel Hill in May of 2018. One month after graduating, I enrolled in massage school, receiving my license in December 2018 to improve my manual skills and best help my clients return to pain-free life. I graduated from Elon University with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2021, after completing clinical rotations in outpatient orthopedics and outpatient spinal cord rehabilitation. Additionally, I have worked in a continuing care retirement facility providing services in a variety of settings, from skilled nursing, outpatient neurological and orthopedic populations, home health, and long term care. Throughout all of my experiences and schooling, I have found that my passion is helping people fit physical therapy into life in order to best achieve their goals!

The Authentic PT Story

As a clinician, I take a holistic approach to wellness and rehabilitation. While keeping up with and applying new research regarding rehabilitation, it is my mission to provide sessions that best suit my clients and their needs, wants, and goals. With my dual licensure in physical therapy and massage therapy, I can help clients through therapeutic bodywork and corrective exercise. I want to help people reclaim their lives from pain, reduce dependence on painkillers and prescription medications, and decrease money spent on unnecessary imaging, procedures, and surgeries. Ultimately, it is my goal to help people find sustainable ways to stay healthy and pain-free through bodywork and exercise. 


In my free time, I love spending time with my menagerie of animals including my three dogs (Dexter, Baxter, and Wallace), my three cats (Jasmine, Aster, and Violet), and my horses (Tango, Teddy, and Fig)! 

It is my philosophy that my clients receive the services they need every treatment session. That can include therapeutic massage, corrective exercise, tools to understand pain, education about the injury or condition, or as a healthcare provider willing to take the time to listen. It is due to this belief that I do not accept insurance at this time, as insurance limits what I can do for my clients and causes unnecessary run-arounds for achieving client goals. Additionally, by not accepting insurance I can guarantee that sessions are one-on-one, every time.

Contact me to get started!

Abby Symes

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